Classical Dance

Classical Dance is an amalgamation of the spiritual and subliminal aspects of art and not just the physical aspect.

Kuchipudi and Bharatha Natyam, with its roots in the Natya Shastra, are sacred arts. It is a fusion of music, rhythm, sacred geometry, yoga, worship, therapy, sculpture, poetry, harmony and beauty.It is the perfect blending of all the dimensions of the created being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Through lessons, lecture-demonstrations, storytelling, and performances, we strive to create new audiences for Classical Dancing who can appreciate the sacredness of the art form and elevate their consciousness. Thus classical dance can become a form of collective meditation centering on beauty, sacred music, harmony and rhythm and thus promote peace.


Amidst a crowd of youthful artistes who are beautiful and intelligent, look for the one who possesses inborn pride, is bold, zealous, beauteous, and is a scholar of music and dance.. She is the ‘Nartaki’ (dancer) who stands above the rest.”

                                                                                                  - Natyashastra

Our sincere Thanks to Our parent organization


Our sincere Thanks to Our parent organization ’Om International Cultural Center of Hyderabad‘ and Major.A. Satyanaratayana for his continued guidance and support through many years.  Major. Satyanarayana and Mrs. A.Sarada have been instrumental in our journey to achieving the heights of parentsrecognition and fulfillment in this field of Dancing and visual arts….

Major. A. Satyanarayana lead our cultural delegations to many countries and played key role in all of our cultural endeavors and ventures and documentaries and tele-films.  We are ever indebted to him and appreciate his support and encouragement.

Designed By Prashanth Manne