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Awards in recognition of her talents, dedication & propagation of Arts and Culture, include: 


  • Winner of All India Dance competitions ’70.
  • Swarna kanakanam (gold bracelet) and the title of 'Natyabharathi'conferred by Padmasri. M. Balamurali Krishna in'73.

  • Grand Felicitations and Honors by 30 Cultural organizations of Vizag &  004%20-%20Copy%20(3)Rajahmundry at launch of  A.P Cyclone relief Fund-raisers with titles‘NatyaKovida’, ‘Tharanga visharada’, ‘Abhinaya bharathi’ in  ’74.  

  • Prestigious L.V.R Foundation award by Pondicherry Governor T.P.Tewary of TamilNadu ’87.

  • Mahatma Jyothi Baphule’ memorial award in ‘88
  • Award of recognition from Rajyalaxmi Trust of Tamilnadu ‘89.
  • A.P Film Council's ‘Jawarharlal Nehru Memorial’ & ‘Utthama Pravasandhra Nartaki’ award '91.

  • TANA (Telugu Assn of North America) award of recognition in '91.

  • Sri VedantamJagannadhaSarma Memorial’ &Vamsee International (pravasandhra nartaki) award of recognition in'93.

  • World Telugu Federation’ in ’96 and ‘America Bharathi’ in ‘94 named her ‘A True Cultural Ambassador ‘.

  • Asian Women’ magazine Texas chapter 'Woman of the year' award ‘95.
  • Award of Recognition from Rasamayi, YuvaKalavahini and cultural  

    003%20-%20Copy%20(3)   organizations of twin cities in '97.
  • TANA’s Outstanding performance award ’97 at Los Angeles        
  • Prestigious Vamsee-Berkley award & 'Somaparijatha' gold medal ‘00.  

  • TANA’s Award of recognition at the regional Conf at Dallas ‘00(Teluginti Velugu).
  • TANA’s Outstanding Performance (for– Silpa’s performance) TANA Cincinnati.     
  • TANA’s Outstanding Performance at Philadelphia 2003 (Rhythms and Melodies)                                                                                 


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