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Deccan Chronicle.. (Rangapravesam by Uma Bharathi)

001The 14 year old danseuse is Uma Bharathi, who, if she continues dancing and dedicates herself to popularizing the sadly neglected school of Kuchipudi may reach enviable heights…
Uma has the enthusiasm and discipline for perfecting her style. But most of all she has the confidence and for a teenager to virtually compel the attention of audience for over two hours she has remarkable poise and establishes rapport easily…
It was pleasantly surprising to see Uma Bharathi  depicting the coquettish, shy and versatile role of Satyabhama to almost near brilliance….the sincerity with which she assayed the range of emotions which one would naturally assume comes with maturity is visibly noticeable….


The Leader – South Africa Top Talent:

The star of the show, Uma Bharathi’s talent is of a class in itself..the like of which very few people have had an opportunity of seeing before….Under the guidance of her dynamic guru Sri. Vedantam Jagannadha Sarma, she became the foremost interpreters of this Dance form at an early age….with years of intensive training and practice she does not put a foot wrong….Her scintillating performances including the intricate movements of her body, feet and eyes tell their own story of a first rate artiste...





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