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Ruston, LA – Daily Leader

While Uma’s Portrayal of the beautiful ‘Satyabhama’ brought out the haughty arrogance of the heroine in a very telling manner, as mother Yashoda, she moved the onlookers to tears, and as Maha Shakthi and Durga, her outstanding performance and choreography stood out for finesse and poise,  received much applause from the audiences….leaving a lasting impression ….


The ‘Uma Bharathi Show’ ‘milestones’ magazine - by Andhra Maha Sabha Durban, S.A

Her poise and graceful movements, the dazzling and intricate footwork, the subtle change in mood 011and expression won the hearts of the audience at the opening of the 'Uma Bharathi show' by the Andhra Maha Sabha of S.A at Durban city hall......
Uma is the first Kuchipudi Exponent to perform in South Africa and she set a standard of Dancing and left an indelible impression on all those who saw her perform….


Hinduism Today…..North America Edition from Hawaii…..

‘Temple Bells’ is this world renowned Indian classical dancer’s first, very original and very “in the family” telefilm.  She, her daughter and students starred in it. Temple Bells, is a modern-day Hindu family movie, focusing on the conflicts between teens eager to westernize and parents confused and frustrated by behavior and lifestyles alien to them. Viewers will be surprised by the arrestingly frank dialogue between family members with bold, emotional footage shot in Texas and India…
It is thrilling to see talented people like Uma Bharathi bringing sensitive family issues to the screen and doing it so creatively and professionally….


The India Times- Sri Meenakshitemplein Houston…going into phase 2 – Devisthotramalika (Hymns and Rhythms unto Mahashakthi)

One recalls when Houstonians were struggling to build a temple and the one and only Hindu worship place  –the Ganesha shrine in a ‘mandapam’ and the front of the mandapam got hit by one of those Texas hurricanes and totally demolished, it was the same Uma Bharathi who came forward to offer a scintillating Dance performance and raised funds to rebuild the structure. And the money raised and the bid for reconstruction was exactly the same….. is but God’s blessing in disguise….
The evening’s performance by Uma Bharathi this time was very appropriate and Uma danced so well drawing applause from the audience frequently, winning the hearts of the entire gathering that left the hall at the end of the show with souls recharged with pride and devotion……and a feeling of serene commitment…….


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