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From 'Danseuse par excellence' series GRAPHIC - Durban, South Africa

'Dancers like musicians are born, not made', Uma Bharathi belongs to this genre.  This noted Kuchupudi exponent, gifted with beauty, talent, and a vivacious personality carved a special niche for her in the Dance arena at a very early age....





Indian Express – Zooming in….. NRI dancer’s mission…..

..Staying on in the U.S due to family interests but whose thoughts are hovering around India, especially Andhra Pradesh.. Uma Bharathi the reputed Kuchipudi dancer, she is also vastly different from the scores of dancers who go abroad both for publicity and money. She has been generously contributing to various causes in Andhra Pradesh, on her part, she has helped Temple constructions in various parts of U.S.A,and pursuing her dance with much zeal and enthusiasm. Uma tries her best to spread the Indian culture among the NRI children…  



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