Silpa Kosuri

A reputed and accomplished Dancer/Artiste by age 16, Silpa is trained in Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam and Kathak in India and U.S.A.  Silpa started performing at age six and travelled across major cities in the U.S for Temple construction project fund raisers of Chinmaya Mission & Sri Meenakshi Temple Society of Houston, Atlanta, Miami and Jackson MS.  The awards and acclaim she received include TANA and ATA international outstanding performance awards at Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Detroit, Houston and Dallas in the U.S.A.  ‘Young Role Model’ award from Lydia’s Charitable & Educational Fund of Houston and a performance in honor of World Peace leader Dalai Lama.

Silpa’s role as young Kalyani at 7, in the popular Indo-U.S telefilm project ‘Temple Bells’ ( Alaya

SilpaNadalu) brought her much recognition and reputation in the telugu communities world over when it was telecast in more than 12 countries including U.S and Canada as a series.  She is the main dancer in all of the Academy’s Videos and Cultural activities.  She is now pursuing a career in Health care and has great support from her parents Uma Bharathi & Dr. Murali Kosuri and brother Satyajit Kosuri.  Silpa is disciple of Smt. Uma Bharathi in Kuchipudi, Mrs. Padmini Chari in Bharatnatyam and Mrs.  Mangala Bhatt in Kathak styles of dancing.


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