The Dancer

Classical Dance is an amalgamation of the spiritual and subliminal aspects of art and not just the physical aspect.

Dancers like Musicians, are born. Not made’... Uma Bharathi belongs to this genre…with a career spanning over three decades, she is one of the foremost and outstanding Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam exponents of the country today. Uma’s art and talent brought her national and international recognition very early in life.


Uma is described as an artiste of rare ability & high caliber, her style as unique and compelling,and a ‘Danseuse Par Excellence’…

Uma’s dedication and discipline for the art, creative rendering, performances & accomplishments made her an artiste to reckon with, set her apart and carved a special niche for her in the Dance Arena.


* Uma Bharathi dedicated her career, talent and time from a very early age to philanthropic causes in India, and to scores of educational and community projects and fundraisers abroad.


* All performances to date are for note worthy & noble causes to benefit the Telugu communities & Heritage,in general and International at large....


* Uma, was chosen a state delegated cultural ambassador to Malaysia and Singapore to raise funds for the 2nd world Telugu Conference of 1982 held in Kaulalampur, & as youngest Dance exponent,she extensively  traveled to many countries, with highly popular and successful concerts of same name ‘Uma Bharathi  Show’.


* Uma's acclaimed artistic & innovative choreographic skills are evident in all of the concerts, videos, documentaries and telemovies she produces, directs and performs to the delight of generations of audiences, art lovers, critics and connoisseurs world over....


* Uma’s parents Sri. Major. A. Satyanarayana (President – Om International Cultural Center,Trustee – Sri Laxmi Satyanarayana Swamy Temple and Seva Samithi Project, YPalem A.P) & Late Smt. A. Sarada have been culturally motivated and supportive throughout heruma career.


* Uma has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Masters in Pol.Science from Osmania University.


* Continuing to strive for excellence in propagating the art of Kuchipudi, Indian Art & culture among NRI younger generations, Uma established ‘Archana Fine Arts Academy’ in Houston, Texas in ’85.


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